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Imagine life with LESS…











Now, imagine life with MORE…


Personal and professional fulfillment


Connection to your inner wisdom and God


Clarity about your passion and purpose


Courage to embrace and share your unique gifts


Peace, purpose, and joy!

    As your life coach, I will help you will find …


    Get calm and connected.
    First, learn how to achieve the deep states of relaxation that are essential for releasing stress, handling life’s challenges, and reconnecting to your inner wisdom and guidance.


    Get clear and hopeful.
    Second, free yourself from limitations from your past and open to the potential of your future. Reconnect to the real you and to your passion and purpose for life.


    Get empowered and inspired.
    Finally, realize that it is possible to create a life you love filled with meaning and joy! Rewrite the plot of your life story and take action steps to bring your dreams to life!

    Personal Life Coaching

    Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, or stuck? You’re here for a reason. This is the moment to reconnect to the real you and create a life you love!

    Managing Stress

    Join our inspired community of peace-seekers who are ready to live life with less stress and more joy!

    About Me

    My passion is empowering women to courageously and confidently discover their voice, step into their power, and find fulfillment in life and work.

    My inspiration comes from my own journey in 2012 where my hurried and worried life left me stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and self doubt.

    For many years,  I was lost in the hustle of our culture. I felt overwhelmed with life and weighed down with expectations.

    Though I was always striving to be better, to do better, I never felt good enough.


    This has been such a powerful and amazing journey! My eyes and heart have been opened up to so many new truths about myself, others, God, and the world.

    Denise is genuine, true, and listens so well. She helped me get to the core issues that were holding me back from living a full, rich and happy life. Her visualization techniques totally opened my heart and mind to new ways to love, forgive, and accept and helped me bring that into my daily life. She encouraged and challenged me to grow in so many heartfelt ways.

    Life coaching is life changing with Denise!!

    Laura Whiffen

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