92 days can change your life.

Get ready to journey from where you are to where you want to be.

What would it be like to take the summer just for you?

I know that may sound crazy with all that you have on your plate.

You’re hard working, dedicated, and you’re always taking care of everyone around you – at work and at home.

But putting everyone else’s needs above your own is NOT SUSTAINABLE!

It only leads to exhaustion, resentment, and burnout.

It’s time, my friend, to recharge your battery and learn new ways of thinking and being that will ultimately increase your happiness, performance, and relationships.

That’s why I’m so excited to be a coach with the FIT FOR SUMMER CAMP!

Fit for Summer is a collective of 15+ Positive Intelligence trained coaches who are committed to helping you step into the very best version of you.

This all inclusive membership runs for 92 days June through August and includes access to 40+ live on-line experiences.

Let’s get our lives together, together!

Perfect for parents, teachers, health care workers, and anyone who needs to Recharge and Renew so they can show up as their best self.

With Fit for Summer you will experience…

The best of science & coaching in an all inclusive membership designed to help you Recharge & Renew
40 + LIVE on-line offerings in the areas of lifestyle, physical fitness, mental fitness, emotional fitness, finance, health & wellbeing
Flexibility to participate around your schedule
Daily, weekly, monthly, and single offerings in the format of workshops, classes, bootcamps, group coaching (recordings for many will be available if you miss)

The courses are phenomenal and I’m thrilled to offer this to you for a really great price.

Choose from 2 options that meet your needs and investment level.

The Base Camp is the all-inclusive membership PLUS a personal strategy session with Denise to get clear on your goals and design the best experience to move you forward.

The Summit Camp is the Base Camp PLUS enrollment in the 8 week Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness program AND 3 personal coaching sessions with Denise.

Fit for Summer camp QR code and photos of happy people. Recharge and Renew. Positive Intelligence

Create positive change in these areas of your life:

Stress Management
Productivity and Performance
Work/Life Balance
Inner resilience and strength
Relationships and Healthy Boundaries
Difficult People and Conflict Management
Health and Dieting
Self Actualization/Self Love
And so much more!

Reach new levels of success and happiness this summer


Receive coaching, inspiration, accountability, and encouragement from our supportive community.

woman stretching


Experience exercises and processes that expand your vision of what’s possible and accelerate your growth.

Hands touching in a circle


Save precious time, avoid mistakes, and learn from each other so you can achieve your goals more quickly and easily.

Base Camp 10% Early Bird $143/month

Summit Camp 10% Early Bird $323/month

Hi, I’m Denise.

I used to be stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and self-doubt.

When I left my nonprofit leadership gig a decade ago, I was drained and depleted. I had given everything I had to the organization and fell into the trap of “all work and no play.”

The chronic stress affected my health, my relationships, and my happiness.

THATS WHEN I HAD TO FACE THE HARD TRUTH. Was the problem all about the job or was it also about me?

Yes, the job was stressful. Unrealistic demands, deadlines, staffing issues, never enough money to meet the client needs, etc., etc.

But, it was my mental fitness – my ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive, rather than a negative mindset – that played a big part in my burnout.
I was really, really good at beating myself up and creating so much unnecessary stress and pressure trying to be perfect and prove myself worthy.

The light bulb moment was realizing that while I can’t control what happens around me, I can control what happens within me.

There IS a path of ease and flow.

It’s based on breakthrough research.
It’s incremental and actionable.
And It easily fits into your crazy busy daily life.

My mission is to help you develop the inner resilience to reach new levels of success and happiness.