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Life Coaching can help you rewrite the plot of your life's story.
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Is there a gap between the life you are living and the life you want? Life coaching can help!

Are you feeling:

Worried, confused, or overwhelmed with life?
Weighed down with expectations?
Lost in rush and busyness?
Unclear about who you are or what you want? 
Have you been going through the motions of life without much peace, purpose, or joy?
If so, you are not alone!

I’ve been there, too.
I know what it is like to put everyone else’s needs before your own and to lose touch with your dreams and passion for life.
Let me help you find your way back to living life true to yourself…


So that you can grab hold of the strength and wisdom that is within you to rewrite the plot of your life’s story and create a life you love!

Denise guided me to consider a different way to look at and respond to life situations. She gave me tools to create peace and calm – a gentle retrain of the brain. She is honestly one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She is so supportive and non-judgmental. Denise has so much powerful, life changing knowledge to share that I recommend her to everyone! Thank you for blessing my life with what you do!

Kyle Rouse

Denise helped me get to the core issues that were holding me back from living a full, rich and happy life. Her visualization techniques totally opened my heart and mind to new ways to love, forgive, and accept and helped me bring that into my daily life. She encouraged and challenged me to grow in so many heartfelt ways.

Life coaching is life-changing with Denise!!

Laura Whiffen

With Live Inspired Life Coaching you will receive…


Get calm and connected.
First, learn how to achieve the deep states of relaxation that are essential for releasing stress, handling life’s challenges, and reconnecting to your inner wisdom and guidance.


Get clear and hopeful.
Second, free yourself from limitations from your past and open to the potential of your future. Reconnect to the real you and to your passion and purpose for life.


Get empowered and inspired.
Finally, realize that it is possible to create a life you love filled with meaning and joy! Rewrite the plot of your life story and take action steps to bring your dreams to life!

Choose from 3 to 12 month packages on your Pathway to Freedom  journey where you will…


Your journey begins by learning how to retrain your body and your mind to move from a stressed state to a calm state. It is in this beautiful state that you grow deep, strong roots to weather life’s storms and feel safe to open your heart and explore your inner landscape. You will connect to your inner wisdom and strength and find your inner compass.


I use a proven discovery process that helps you know yourself and your circumstances. As we delve into the process, you will be gently and compassionately guided to sift through all the stories, fears, and beliefs about yourself and your life that you think are true. Through transformational processes you can release the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.


By learning how to shift the mindset that is keeping you stuck and open to new perspectives, you’ll gain clarity about your values, unique gifts, vision for your life. You will be asked to journal, to reflect, and most importantly commit to yourself, knowing that you are well, whole, and worthy of experiencing true freedom, abundance, and joy in every area of your life.


As you awaken to the truth of your soul and grab hold of your inner wisdom and strength, you will rewrite the plot of your life story by taking inspired action steps aligned with your values and life vision. You will feel empowered to be unapologetically you; knowing that you deserve to be happy and it is possible to love your life!

Live Inspired Life Coaching is right for you if you …

Are ready to make a change but you’re not sure how to begin.
Feel tired of trying to fix things on your own.
Are ready to free yourself from the limitations of your past and open to the potential of your future.
See yourself as open-minded, self-reflective, and committed to personal growth.


Feel ready to let go of living your life based on other’s expectations and want to reconnect to the real you.
Believe you are a spiritual human being and have all of the answers within.
Understand sustained change takes time and you are not looking for a quick fix.

As my life coach, Denise supported me by helping me learn new ways to deal with and resolve my problems, while simultaneously learning to appreciate and love myself more. My experience with Integrative Life Coaching has been life changing – I would recommend it to everyone! 


Happy clients have received…


Embrace the future and take inspired actions to move forward.


Gain the ability to shift from feeling anxious or scared to feeling safe, loved, and grateful.


Navigate big life changes with greater ease and grace.

New Perspectives

Shift thoughts and beliefs to see the world through a new lens.


Let go of judgements and expectations of self and others and understand that you have the power to consciously choose to create the life you want.

True Worth

Grasp that your value is infinite, eternal, and unconditional.


Respect the sense of self as a spiritual human being and rediscover a deep connection with God.

You are Worth it!

Your life is full of investments, but there is absolutely no investment more important than one where you look inside of yourself and reset your heart, mind, body and soul on a healthy course toward your purpose.

When areas of our lives aren’t running smoothly, the effects can reach outside of ourselves. Our family may suffer. Our income may suffer. Our relationships with friends may be damaged. We may be floating in the opposite direction of our purpose.

With life coaching, we learn that many of our outcomes depend upon our conscious, intentional choices. The first and most important choice, however, is to decide that your life of peace, purpose, and joy is valuable enough to deserve the guidance of a life coach.

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