Struggle Less & Thrive More

Reclaim your life of FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT!

Imagine bringing a calm, clear-headed confidence to whatever challenge you face.

A new ground-breaking process – based in brain science – makes that possible.

If you…

Feel overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out
Often second guess yourself
Never feel good enough
Are afraid to take chances
Beat yourself up when you make mistakes
Avoid or procrastinate
Say "yes" when you want to say "no"
Put everyone else's needs first

You are not alone!


Hi, I’m Denise Bischof

I used to be stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and self-doubt.

After years as a nonprofit leader, I was drained and depleted. The chronic stress affected my health, my relationships, and my confidence.

Several years later, when I completed the foundational Mental Fitness training program from Positive Intelligence, I had a profound a-ha moment.

Was the problem all about the stress of the job, or was it also about me?

I learned that my negative thoughts, or inner saboteurs, were running my life.

I was really good at beating myself up and creating unnecessary pressure trying to be everything for everybody.

It was my lack of mental fitness – my ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset – that played a big part in my burnout.

As a certified life coach since 2017, I’ve used many tools to help my clients experience transformational growth.

The simple and brilliant Positive Intelligence framework, that breaks through years of negative habits, is one tool that profoundly impacted my life.

I am more confident and courageous because I accept and honor that I am imperfect and still worthy.

I’m also way better at going with the flow of life rather than fighting against it.

I want this for you too.

That’s why I created the 8 week Pathway to Freedom Program in association with Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence, Inc.

In it you will see that you have the inner strength & resilience to reclaim your life of freedom & fulfillment.

I have done lots of personal development work so far in my life, but Pathway to Freedom is the bow that ties everything together.

Wow! This program has been life-changing in so many ways in my life – with work, relationships, conflict resolution, and parenting.

The ability to daily-implement and practice the work of recognizing and intercepting my saboteurs, and becoming the true me is a huge step forward in my personal growth.

Brandy Hickman

Board Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, 2B Well & Kitchen Therapy

Introducing the 8-Week

Pathway to Freedom Program

*In association with Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence Inc.

Break free from self-sabotage and fulfill your highest potential for success & happiness.

With Pathway to Freedom, you will develop mental fitness by strengthening the part of the brain that serves you and quieting the part that sabotages you.

The result? Showing up as the real you –  calm, clear-headed, confident, creative, and courageous – so you can fulfill your highest potential with more energy, balance, and focus.

In this program, you will:

  • Discover the common ways you sabotage your success and happiness.
  • Learn how to build your 3 Core Mental Muscles so you can break free from years of negative habits.
  • Integrate the simple and effective Positive Intelligence mental fitness framework into your daily life so you can be your best self and thrive!

Your confidence will soar and you will move from surviving to thriving in all areas of your life.
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Take the Assessment

Take this free assessment to discover the negative thought patterns that are causing you stress and holding you back from reaching your full potential.

 What is Mental Fitness?

Based in neuroscience, Mental Fitness, by definition, is the ability to handle life’s challenges from a positive mindset with less stress.

Think of it this way…

If you’re not physically fit, you feel physical stress when attempting to lift heavy objects or climb challenging hills.

If you’re not mentally fit, you feel mental stress when dealing with life’s heavy or more challenging situations and circumstances.

Create a life of FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT!

Pathway to Freedom gives you tools to overcome your fears, shift your negative inner dialogue, and finally break your patterns of self-sabotage.

 You Can Expect Breakthrough Results in:

Healthy Relationships & Boundaries

Connect and communicate with clarity and compassion.

woman stretching

Peace of Mind & Wellbeing

Effectively manage stress, recover quickly from setbacks and reach new levels of success & happiness.

Hands touching in a circle

Productivity & Positivity

Get calm, clear, and focused so you can live your highest potential in a way that’s authentic and fulfilling.

Designed to fit your busy schedule!


Your 8-week program is conducted via app-guided daily practice and weekly videos + a weekly virtual meeting for the insights, motivation, and structure to help you boost your 3 core mental muscles.

Cumulatively, it constitutes less than 2% of your awake time.

Research shows that your sabotaging behaviors cost you far more time and energy in overthinking, procrastinating, and getting in your own way.

If you are ready to stop sabotaging your success and happiness so you can live your best life with beautiful relationships, a harmonious family life, and a thriving career, then this is for you!

Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness phone app

Small Group, 1:1, & Corporate Coaching

Profoundly life-changing experience!

Here’s what recent participants had to say:

I have a lot more control of my emotions and stress than I ever thought possible!!

The work we did in Positive Intelligence helped me to understand that I have a choice as to whether I listen to the negative self-talk that is happening in my head.

It was quite inspiring that instead we learned to “play a different song” in our heads – one that WE choose to put there. It takes practice, but it is possible and makes such a huge difference in my perspective in all things!

Definitely worth the time and effort!!

Stephanie Ireland

Owner, Ireland Architects

I have been given a gift, and I want to share it with everyone!

My goal for most of my adult life has been freedom from anxiety. The PQ program is essential for discovering how fear can take hold of your mind as you learn about your saboteurs and your sage. Without that awareness, it’s very easy to wander from book to therapist to book because there is no reinforcement of learning.

Now I feel braver and I’m going and doing things that I wouldn’t have before. I have been able to help my daughter with her anxiety and have more tools at my disposal to break the cycle of anxiety in my own life. I have been given a gift, and I want to share it with everyone!

Natalie Menzies-Spradlin

I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to break free of broken coping strategies and become a better version of themselves.

Through the PQ program, I learned how to recognize my saboteurs and see the damage they create in my life. I learned effective strategies to stop the saboteurs in their tracks so I can focus and bring my best self to situations that would normally cause me emotional pain, frustration, and/or embarrassment.

The experience was so much more helpful and enlightening by working with Denise and a small group of women who validated my feelings and brought different perspectives. Just knowing that others faced similar situations as I did and had many of the same struggles made me feel like part of something bigger than myself.

Georganna Myers

Understanding the power of my thoughts and beliefs, and how to effectively change them, has set me free, and is nothing short of life-changing.

The saying “One can be their own worst enemy” is so true, and it is often very easily identified in others, but not so much in ourselves. The framework of this program helped me understand and identify areas of my self sabotage in very real, practical ways.

I feel calmer, happier, more loving and focused, and less resentful of others.

Problems are still problems, feelings are still feelings, and while I still experience negative emotion at times, I have the ability to turn it around so much faster!

Denise, thank you for being such a wonderful facilitator of our PQ group. The safe, warm, and nonjudgmental way you provided valuable insight and direction to our group lead us to have discussions that were amazing and beneficial to all, with some laughs along the way!

Maureen Willoh

I have more grace for myself and others.

This program has been very effective in helping me see situations from a new perspective as well as offer more compassion to myself (and others) during difficult times.

Learning about the saboteurs was key to understanding why I do the things I do – after 50 years of thinking I was just wired “wrong.” Not true!

The app and group experience is so helpful, both offering accountability and “help” even in the midst of a busy work day. The tools taught are easy to learn and apply immediately – I’ve read self-help books for years, but the actual practice is what makes this program work. I look forward to staying on track to grow my Jedi-mind powers!

Kelly Harris

Safe to Sleep Director, Council of Churches of the Ozarks

The Pathway to Freedom program is a total game changer!

I am a self-help junkie. If there is a book about procrastination, boundaries, work/life balance then there is a good chance you can find it in my home library. Obviously, I haven’t found what I am needing because I keep looking for more…until now. The PQ program is a total game changer!

By learning my personal saboteurs that filled my head with lies for years, I can now work on building the truth through my sage muscle. I committed to an eating wellness journey earlier this year and now I am building my mental health to be wholly fit.

Meleah Spencer

CEO, The Kitchen, Inc.

Through this work, I now have the powerful choice to tend and water what I want to grow in my beautiful mind.

The more I work in the field of naturopathic care, the more I realize that mindset is the secret sauce. I can provide knowledge and insight into how to care for oneself or work the puzzle of underlying causes. But to actually apply that knowledge and insight, it is crucial that mindset doesn’t get in the way of thriving and applying that knowledge.

Like a Jedi knight, Positive Intelligence trained me to watch for the ways I sabotage myself. It gave me new skills (called Sage Powers) to be more productive, creative, and curious so I can navigate my life and take effective action. Every day, I showed up to an app to continue to hone my practice of mindfulness and quiet my mind several times throughout the day from any awful lies the saboteurs would try to tell me.

Through this work, I now have the powerful choice to tend and water what I want to grow in my beautiful mind. There are so many things that are outside of my control, but I can powerfully choose the story I want to tell myself about them and reclaim my authority to act. As Jon Kabat-Zinn once said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”

Katrina Bogdon

Naturopath, Our Healing Roots

I love myself in a whole different way, my relationships are more authentic, I’m a better parent, and my anxiety and overthinking have become less.

I feel free! There was once a way I viewed things and reacted to them negatively, but I’m now on a journey that has shown me a different way. A way to self love, joy, calm, not overthinking and being present.

My relationships with people are so much more authentic with less worry to say something smart back but actually listening to what they say.

Even seeing the beauty that can come from something considered bad. This program has changed my life. It’s an imperfect journey and that’s what makes it perfect.

Kyle Rouse

Esthetician, Divine Esthetics

I am finding ways to live in the moment instead of allowing negativity to reign in my head.

This learning experience has allowed me to take knowledge I already had and finally find tools that allow me to apply the knowledge.

I am letting the past go, and finding ways to live in the moment and celebrate the moment instead of allowing negativity to reign in my head. There were a lot of emotional moments though it was so worth it in the end!

Theresa Oglesby

Director, The Kitchen, Inc.

I learned so much about how to navigate challenges with more ease and grace.

Denise was an outstanding PQ leader and mentor. She shared information clearly and succinctly and led us through the program with such compassion.

She created a safe space for the group to share and encouraged each of us along the way.

I learned so much about myself, my relationships, and how to navigate challenges with more ease and grace.

Linda Mitchell

Life Coach & Massage Therapist

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