Brighten your 2020 Holidays by filling your cup with restful, rejuvenating activities.

Let’s face it, the 2020 holiday season will most likely look very different for you.

Your traditions of coming together at massive family gatherings or attending Holliday parties are not in your best interest during the pandemic.

Perhaps you’re experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one or even from the loss of your time honored traditions.

With pandemic fatigue setting in and your brain’s biological tendency to focus on the negative – what’s not going well – you have to be very intentional about turning lemons into lemonade.

First, it’s helpful to realize that suffering occurs in the space between “what is” and your expectation of how things should be.

Second, suffering is often optional. We have a choice about whether or not we want to hang out in that space or accept our circumstances.

(Please note that I’m not talking about the suffering we experience when we are grieving a loved one. That’s a whole other dimension of suffering that requires the help of a professional to move through.)

It’s only when you’re willing to accept “what is”  that you can open your mind and heart to possibilities for what can be.

Then you can turn your mental and emotional energy towards finding new and creative ways to bring joy and connection into your life this season.

So, to get those creative juices flowing.

Family playing a board game

Here are 6 Restful, Rejuvenating Holiday Activities I am planning this year:

1. Sleep in, nap or relax with a guided meditation.

Opportunities to do this don’t come along often so take advantage of the extra time you’ll have not attending those holiday gatherings.

2. Take a walk in your neighborhood or nearby park.

Sunshine does wonders for the soul and movement releases stress. Don’t let the weather stop you. Bundle up if it’s cold!

3. Channel your inner child and play a board game in person or on Zoom.

Choose a game that is simple and joyful. Laughter is a great way to positively connect with others and de-stress.

4. Call a friend and have a leisurely conversation while sipping tea.

Remember what it was like to have unlimited time to hang out with friends? Rejuvenating!

5. Finish (or start!) a book.

If you’re like me, you have 5 half-read books laying on the night stand. Snuggle up in a comfy chair and read the day away! You’ll feel productive and entertained at the same time.

6. Binge-watch Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

There’s nothing like getting engrossed in someone else’s world for a while. Just make sure you choose something uplifting to nurture that positivity mindset.

Now it’s your turn to sit down and make a list you can refer back to when that negative ‘stinking thinking’ starts to take over.

What ways can you de-stress and have fun this Holiday season?