Do you want to make a change in your life but you’re not quite sure how?

Rewire your brain and create your reality!

Neuroscience shows that the brain is always reshaping itself with every thought; that what you focus on expands in your brain as neural pathways strengthen.

That means you can literally rewire your brain and create new “default” pathways that change your physical reality and shape your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions and habits.

An easy way to understand how this works is to imagine that you are standing in the center of an immense field….

In every direction, grass grows at varying heights.

Surrounding you off in the distance, you see many things– some are things you would like to have, others are things you would like to avoid, still others are things you have had in the past but which you no longer wish to have as part of your life.

As you gaze toward these various things, you can see that there are well-worn paths to some; nearly overgrown paths to some, and only tall grass between you and others.

Every day, you have the opportunity to choose a direction in which to walk.  The more often you choose a particular course, the more established the path becomes and the easier it is to repeat in the future–even if it is taking you where you do not wish to go.

Choosing a new path is often the most difficult because it requires pressing through the tall grass.  However, as you choose the new course time and again, it becomes easier.

Notice that your current “default” or habit thought patterns may be thinking about the past and what you could have/should have done better or worrying about the terrible things that might happen in your life.

And, because the brain does not discriminate between what’s real or imagined, your imagination can alter your neurons and change your brain making visualizations very powerful.

So, which neural pathways are being strengthened by what you watch on TV or listen to on the radio? What about the type of people, activities, or conversations you engage with? Are they filled with negativity, chaos, or gloom and doom? Are they uplifting, positive, and filled with light?

Most importantly, are they helping you create the life you want?

Here are 3 simple, yet powerful ways to rewire your brain and make a change in your life:

1.      Restoring the body through yoga and meditation can rewire the brain to a “calm” default rather than a “stress” default. It can set the body and mind up for optimal success with change. Check out this 3-minute video to move into calm.

2.      Taking time each day to acknowledge and write down our successes is a great way to reverse our inclination to focus only on what is wrong in our life. No success is too small. We often treat ourselves harshly for minor mistakes yet many of us tend to not take the time to appreciate our victories. Instead we rush on to the next thing on our to-do-list. Let yourself honor your successes whether they relate to health, relationships, work, spirituality, relaxation, or fun.

3.      Listening to inspiring, positive visualizations can rewire the brain for more joy and happiness. Adding feelings and emotions to the equation can really solidify the new thought processes. Attend a class or workshop that offers guided visualizations, search the internet for recordings, or explore this book, Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

So, let your imagination run wild with all the beautiful thoughts and feelings about how amazing your life is and will be and watch with amazement as your reality begins to change!