Realign with your true essence and discover your heart’s deepest longing with this FREE guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

I recently read this quote by spiritual leader Marianne Williamson:

“We have got to head back home, or we will be lost in the forest of this suddenly all too complicated world. There is more wisdom in the silence than in the chatter, and more hope in the heart than in externalities. The mind wants this or that, but the heart just wants to go home…”

I, too, have been lost in the forest of this complicated world. And, each and every day I must mindfully, intentionally find my way back home.

Each and every day I must take the time to connect to God and listen to the inspirations placed on my heart – my heart’s deepest longings.

Because when I choose to do this — when I take inspired action from the “wisdom of the silence” — my path becomes clear. I trust that I am a part of a larger cause, a larger mission and I inevitably move through life with greater ease, grace and joy.

So, for the next 10 days, as we move into this new year filled with unlimited possibilities, I invite you to take 15 minutes and listen to this Heart Connection Meditation.

Then jot down any inspirations placed on your heart – without judgment, without expectation – and begin to find your way back home….