Here’s a simple way to shift your negative mindset.

I wish I would have listened to the constant negative chatter that I was telling myself sooner.

Because then I would have been aware that my inner judge was running my life.

➡️ It felt normal to berate myself in order to do better and be better.

➡️ It felt normal to be all “judgy” about other people so I wouldn’t feel so alone in how hard I was on myself.

➡️ It felt normal to always find fault with my life. How else would I be motivated to improve it?

I really thought my inner judge was my friend. It was familiar and oddly comfortable.

The result, however, was feeling unworthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

Always finding fault with myself, others, and my circumstances led to constant disappointment, regret, guilt, shame, and anxiety.

It took me 48 years of being unaware to feel so drained and depleted that I quit my job and began my journey back to my true self.

❤️ Becoming aware of that judge that lives inside of me meant that I could finally STOP believing the lies and START being kinder and more gentle with myself and others.

👍 Becoming aware meant that I finally had a CHOICE in how I wanted to experience my life.

I want this for you, too.

Here is one simple way that you can begin to shine the light on all the negativity swirling inside your head:

  1. The next time you feel a negative emotion such as disappointment, regret, guilt, or shame, it means your inner judge is running the show.
  2. Stop right there and write down what your judge is saying to you.
  3. Pause, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.
  4. Now write down what you would say to a young child or your best friend in this situation.
  5. How does that make you feel?

Chances are you feel loved, nurtured, and safe.

With this simple mental fitness strategy, you have taken a positive step to teach your mind to follow a new path to positivity.

Each time you pause, label, and reframe, you are creating a healthy new habit that will help you manage stress, improve your relationships, and just plain make you happier.