Did you know your brain has a negativity bias?

That you are hard-wired to look for what is or might go wrong to in order to keep you safe?

Your habitual or default programming is to assume and expect the worse.

As a species, this may have served us well when we were foraging for food and focused on staying alive, but what if this default pattern in our brain is no longer serving us?

What if it’s actually getting in the way of our peace? 

The good news is you can retrain your brain to go from a constant state of stress – high alert – to a more calm and relaxed state by focusing on what’s going well.

Think of it this way….

Your car is on its last leg and so you’ve decided to start shopping for a new one. You go to the car dealer and are immediately attracted to the deep blue Toyota hybrid Highlander.

You inspect it, test drive it, and then leave in your old car because you want to be smart buyer and do some more research.

Suddenly, as your driving around town you begin to notice deep blue Toyota hybrid Highlanders all around you.

They are everywhere!

Did these cars miraculously appear on the road OR did you just start noticing them?

They were there all along but you weren’t focused on them so you didn’t really notice.

So, if it’s true that what you focus on expands, perhaps it’s time to shift your default thought patterns to more positive, uplifting thoughts.

What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny. ~ Robin Sharma

During the next week, I invite you to begin noticing what’s going well, what’s working, what’s beautiful in your world.

By exercising this positivity muscle in your brain, you can begin to forge a new pathway to peace.