To suffer or not to suffer, the choice is yours!

Last weekend I dropped my new $1,000 phone in the river.

Needless to say I was soooo upset. I spent a good 30 minutes berating myself for my stupidity.
👉 Why didn’t I close the waterproof case after I put the phone inside?
👉 Why didn’t I put the enclosed case back into the second waterproof case and tuck it under my kayak straps like I had been doing all day?
👉 Why did I decide to get into my kayak in deep water?
👉 Why did I think it was important to hold onto a handful of cherries while I tried to get into the kayak?

Why, why why???

By focusing on what could have/should have happened I moved into the space of suffering and I was robbing myself of my peace.

Then it occurred to me that I had a choice.

I could choose to “suffer” by focusing on how I ought to have avoided the situation, or I could choose to accept “what is” and move on.

By choosing acceptance I could be fully present again in the moment and continue to enjoy the beauty of the day.

This simple example showed me that when I reject or resist my present moment experience, I create uneccesary suffering.

On the flip side, when I accept my present moment experience, it gives me the freedom to face my circumstances with honesty and compassion so I can mindfully choose my next course of action.

I invite you to practice the miracle of surrendering to “what is” this week and see how it transforms your mind and your experience.

👍 To help, I’m sharing this NEW guided visualization, Accepting What Is, that I recorded during the Pathway to Peace class last week. 💕

By the way, my phone was not damaged at all and turning it off for 24 hours allowed me to be fully present with my family and nature. All that suffering would have been for nothing!!