Feel like yourself again by cultivating the mind/body connection.

I have a confession to make.

I’m tired; emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I haven’t been sleeping well, my brain is functioning at half capacity, and I have a short fuse.

And, all I really want to do is curl up on the couch and binge watch Netflix.

Can you relate?

Sure, I have productive days where I feel energized and excited about my life and my work.

But, since that’s how I used to feel most of the time, I find myself thinking “what is wrong with me,” and wondering if I will ever feel better.

Even with the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel – COVID numbers are retreating, vaccinations are readily available, and communities are re-opening – I am still feeling unnerved, uncertain, wary, and weary.

Then I heard psychologist Christen Runyan say on the podcast On Being with Krista Tippett that there is nothing wrong with me.

I felt an immediate sense of relief.

She explained that what I’m experiencing is a very normal, predictable human response to the trauma of the past year.

Here’s a recap:

One year ago, the pandemic instantaneously activated our stress response and sent our nervous systems into overdrive from which they’ve never retreated.

This is an automatic response below our level of consciousness that is designed to keep us safe and alive.

It prepares our bodies to fight, run away, or freeze.

It disrupts the mind-body connection and creates a shaky foundation on which to function.

With the pandemic (uncertainty, illness, loss of jobs and loved ones), the drama of the election, and the civil unrest, the “threat” has not gone away.

On top of that, one of the ways that we recover from stress is through connection and physical contact with others, which we had to eliminate for fear of harming each other.

We became a danger to each other by virtue of our breath.  Wow.

This definitely got my attention, giving me a deeper understanding about the trauma we have all experienced, and an understanding that it’s not just me.

But, how do we fix it??

Dr. Runyan reminded me that one powerful way is through the mind/body connection.

(I hope it makes you feel better that even the life coach and relaxation teacher – AKA, me – had to be reminded of this! LOL!)

It’s so exciting and it never ceases to amaze me, that by being intentional with our bodies, our breath, and our imaginations, we can get our “thinking brain” back on-line so that it lets our nervous system know the threat has subsided.

And it is now safe to return to baseline – to our balanced state.

Through practice, we activate the relaxation response of the nervous system so we can be our most creative, relaxed, and fully present selves.

We can re-build our lives and create a strong foundation to weather life’s storms with more ease and grace.

So, to support you on your journey back to wholeness, here are a few tools:

Watch this free VIDEO that shows you how to support your body in my favorite relaxing, restorative yoga pose,

And, listen to this free GUIDED MEDITATION while you rest.

I hope afterward you will feel rejuvenated, confident, and excited about life again.

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