Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore has given me peace within my own body.  I am learning to calm my mind, and restore and heal my body one breath at a time.  Slow deep healing breaths combined with relaxing postures and guided meditation lead me to another place where my body can do the work necessary to help me in my daily life. This is the best thing I do for myself.

Karen G.

I have tried several restorative classes in Springfield and Denise’s is by far my favorite!  Denise really makes sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I started going to her class for anxiety and she has really helped me with breathing techniques, meditating and overall relaxation.

My favorite part of her class is at the end she takes time to go around to everyone and make sure they are in the most “comfy” (“yummy”) relaxing poses and tucks you in and it feels great!  Her voice is so soothing and you can tell she truly cares about each and every one of her students. I always leave class feeling calm, uplifted, and inspired!

I look forward to going to Denise’s classes each week and wish she would teach more! I would highly recommended her class to everyone.

Michele Palmer

I have to say to anyone…..if you want to do something special for yourself- attend Denise’s Relax & Restore Mediation and Movement class!  Denise is the most loving and caring teacher I have ever experienced! She gives everyone in the class individual attention for their special needs.  Her meditations are in one word… healing!!  It has been and will continue to be the most special time set aside for myself!  The movements we do have also created new pathways of love in my brain. I won’t miss it for the world!!!

Joyce D. Smith

I’m grateful for Relax & Restore Meditation & Movement classes!  When I started 3 years ago, it was VERY challenging for me to quiet my mind and body and relax. It was not unusual for me to have tension headaches.  Through Denise’s teachings of stretching and movements, breathing and meditations, I have been able to work through those challenges and I have begun to achieve mental, emotional, and physical, relaxation. I’m not saying “it’s always easy” —but I now know it’s possible. The relaxation and healing from these classes have helped me to slow my mind down and be more in touch with myself during the day.

Bonnie Dodson

The Relax & Restore class at 2B Well is Springfield’s little secret and I’m so glad I discovered it. From tension relieving poses, to relaxing soft music, and guided meditation, Relax & Restore helps me to turn the volume down on life for a while. The journey I take in class is a healing, mindful, therapeutic experience that I look forward to each week. Denise is a true professional who cares for and assists students in a sensitive and nurturing manner. Regardless of my state of mind at the beginning of each class, I find myself calm, rejuvenated, and quite peaceful by the end of each class.

Brian C.

I am a busy college student working a part time job, doing an internship, and taking a full class load. My life can get pretty stressful, and sometimes it feels like my body and mind won’t relax. By following the movements, getting into the poses, and listening to the words of Denise, I am able to actually let go of all of that. This restorative class can calm my busy thoughts and release the tension I have built up in my body from my demanding schedule. The feelings of serenity and restoration are a lifesaver, as they have me leaving the class smiling even if I came in with the biggest amount of worry built up.

Bethany Bierman

I began taking the Rest & Restore classes because I wanted to heal, I wanted to feel good. These classes have done that for me and so much more. I’ve made friends, and I’ve learned so much about my body – how it works and how I can help it work better for me. It’s also been fun to share with others and be part of a group of individuals that are kind and supportive. Denise directs the classes with intelligence and inspiration. I love the classes!

Kathy Warner

I was diagnosed with several back issues in 2014 and fibromyalgia in 2015.  I continued working a full time job (usually 50-60+ hours a week).  By July 2017 I was failing at life with fibromyalgia and I started researching a way to be able to live life with fibromyalgia.  I found Denise and her Relax & Restore Meditation & Movement class at 2B Well.

I don’t know how I lived life even before the diagnoses.  This class has taught me so much about the importance of and the physical act of breathing, about liking myself regardless of what is going on or where I am at, about meditation to allow me to focus on making myself better, and about movement to improve my overall well being.

Denise has a good heart, deep compassion and an even deeper desire to help me and everyone in class to help ourselves.  She encourages, pushes/nudges when needed, and protects us from hurting ourselves all while explaining how our bodies are made up, work, and respond to the poses we practice in class. She also encourages me in ways to continue my practice at home. She continually reminds me that life is a process.  I still have the back issues and I still have fibromyalgia but with Denise’s help I am using the tools she teaches in class to help me succeed at improving and living life! I really can’t thank her enough for how she has helped me to help myself.

Sandy McClernon

I’ve always enjoyed being athletic and high energy but that all came to a halt when my body began to crash. The stresses and sorrows of life began to over-burden me taking a huge toll on my adrenals, but what else could I do but continue forward with my duties? My entire mindset changed when my state of health continued to plunge, and I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases leaving me with joint pain, crippling fatigue, head and body aches, cognition problems and many more problems including depression. Who had I become, and where could I go for help in healing?  I did find help in healing and a very important component was learning to be still and calm my over-stimulated mind and body. This was something I continually read in my research and my insightful doctor encouraged me to pursue meditation. I am deeply thankful to Denise for her amazing instruction in the guided meditation class at 2BWell.

I never would have dreamed my workout hour would turn into a meditation hour but my body cried out for it, and this class has delivered the tools to teach me the art of being still, calm and unafraid of life’s challenges. I am still on my journey of healing but I am much recovered and continue to improve. I honestly do not think I could have enjoyed these positive results without learning the art of meditation. It will remain a “tool in my toolbox” for the rest of my life which I expect to live healthy and vibrantly! Thank you to Denise for sharing  your gifts with a world in need of the benefits of meditation. You present such a loving, nonjudgmental, and safe atmosphere that I’ve experienced complete comfort from day one and am reaching new heights in my practice. Plus your ever-so-comfy restorative yoga poses ROCK! (Who wants to sit in a hard chair for an hour???). Keep up the good work and may others find the gift of you and this “better than ice cream” class! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…..
~ Melissa C.

Melissa C.

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