Relax & Restore

A perfect complement to your journey of healing and self-discovery.

If you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone!

The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions leading to disease and affecting our ability to enjoy life. 

The antidote to stress is rest – becoming still so we can restore our body, mind, and life!

Relax & Restore sessions are designed to retrain your body and your mind to move from a stressed state to a calm state. 

In this beautiful state we grow deep, strong roots to weather life’s storms and open our hearts to receive God’s grace. 

As we heal and reconnect, we begin to move forward with courage, confidence, and clarity. 

You can expect a unique blend of gentle movement, resting postures, breathing techniques, and guided relaxations. 

There is no pre-requisite when it comes to relaxing and restoring.

I offer a safe place to learn that is always welcoming, accommodating, and free of judgment.


I have tried several restorative classes in Springfield and Denise’s is by far my favorite! Denise really makes sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I started going to her class for anxiety and she has really helped me with breathing techniques, meditating and overall relaxation. Her voice is so soothing and you can tell she truly cares about each and every one of her students. I always leave class feeling calm, uplifted, and inspired!

Michele Palmer

Fall 2020 Relax & Restore Virtual Classes

1st and 3rd Wednesdays

11:30 am – 12:30 pm


AND…… When you register for both classes in September, you’ll receive a FREE bonus video I recently recorded, Stretches for Prolonged Sitting.

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I began taking the Rest & Restore classes because I wanted to heal, I wanted to feel good. These classes have done that for me and so much more. I’ve made friends, and I’ve learned so much about my body – how it works and how I can help it work better for me. It’s also been fun to share with others and be part of a group of individuals that are kind and supportive. Denise directs the classes with intelligence and inspiration. I love the classes!

Kathy Warner

Personal Relax & Restore Sessions

For those who would like to learn how to meditate or relax one-on-one or with a small private group.

Contact Denise to learn more about the R&R Deep Rest Package.

    Drop In Class - $15

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    Private Session - $75

    For those who would like to learn how to meditate or relax one-on-one or with a small private group. 


    Deep Rest Package - $220

    This package includes 3 Relax & Restore private sessions and an MP3 guided meditation for home use.

    Relax & Restore is perfect for you if…

    Stress is affecting your life or your health.
    You are recovering from a recent illness or injury.
    Your life feels so hectic or busy that you have no time for self-care.
    You feel overwhelmed with the expectations of your job, school, or others.
    You feel anxious, worried or fearful about the future.
    Your life feels out of control after a recent life event such as the loss of a loved one, or a job.
    You've tried meditation but can't sit still or quiet your mind.

    “Relax & Restore has given me peace within my own body. I am learning to calm my mind, and restore and heal my body one breath at a time. Slow deep healing breaths combined with relaxing postures and guided meditation lead me to another place where my body can do the work necessary to help me in my daily life. This is the best thing I do for myself.”

    Karen G.

    With Relax & Restore sessions you will…

    Become more calm, quiet and at peace so you can bring balance back into your life.
    Receive practical tools to release anxiety and restore peace in your daily life.
    Learn how to use the breath to feel at peace wherever you are.
    Learn restorative relaxation and meditation techniques you can use at home.

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