Live Inspired Coaching

This has been such a powerful and amazing journey! My eyes and heart have been opened up to so many new truths about myself, others, God, and the world.

Denise is genuine, true, and listens so well. She helped me get to the core issues that were holding me back from living a full, rich and happy life. Her visualization techniques totally opened my heart and mind to new ways to love, forgive, and accept and helped me bring that into my daily life. She encouraged and challenged me to grow in so many heartfelt ways.

Life coaching is life changing with Denise!!

Laura Whiffen

This has been one of the best things I have done for myself! Transitioning from working too many hours a week to semi-retirement, I didn’t realize all the things I was holding back throughout those years. Denise has shown me how to be authentic with myself, change old belief patterns, and learn how to bring calm and peace into my life. Through her gentle guiding, she creates a safe and non-judgmental place with so much love and support.

Denise brings to each session a genuine concern with kindness and compassion. She listens and provides wonderful insight and inspiration. She is so knowledgeable and has shared so many resources that has helped my journey. I feel so blessed to have Denise as my life coach!

Lori Hutton

After my son was born, I worked with Denise as a postnatal life coach. It was a wonderful experience that helped my perspective on many areas in my life, all for the better, and all with love and compassion. Her non-judgmental, supportive, and kind ways alluded to positive changes and a more joyful self! She’s truly a blessing!

Sarah Howey

Life Coaching with Denise came at a perfect time in my life. I was going through significant transition and growth, and she provided me with the tools and safe space to navigate those changes with intention and Love. She also helped me to identify old beliefs that were in conflict with what I know to be true.

Some days, I felt like my thoughts were all over the place and unorganized, but she always had a keen ability to guide and focus our conversations. This has been an incredible practice inviting me into deeper conversation with God on a daily basis.

Because of Life Coaching, I see more clearly the beauty, flow and synchronicity in life, and I celebrate that I am consciously creating that change with God and consciously choosing Love. I am so glad I chose to work with Denise, and I would highly recommend Integrative Life Coaching for anyone seeking to grow spiritually and/or navigate change in their life!

Katrina Bogdon

As my life coach, Denise helped me recognize my limiting beliefs and their effects on my life, taught me new coping skills and tools to achieve the life I want, and strengthened my faith through new healthy viewpoints and feelings of security and hope. Denise is one of the most genuine and compassionate people I have ever met. She has found her true calling, and it shows in everything she says and does.

Kristi R.

As my life coach Denise supported me with genuine caring. She guided me with love and practical tools to make changes that have enabled me to see, experience, and receive the gift of love and life again. I am excited to move forward with enthusiasm for expanding success in my life. I thank you, Denise, from the heart for being in my world.

Joyce D. Smith

Coaching with Denise – oh wow, it’s hard to find the right words – the transformation I experienced during/following our sessions occurred on such a deep soul level that I’m not even sure I know what happened! All I know is that I was transformed – completely!

Denise facilitated me shedding a skin that I’d been living in for as long as I can remember – a skin of fear, of powerlessness, of shame. I stepped out of that session and into my new truths of fierce empowerment and lovableness – plainly put, I am a new woman. I’d been living in the shadows of my-self and of my power – and I simply can no longer do that. Through coaching with Denise, those old stories are dissolved and they no longer fly in my new reality of living *fully* in my power AND feeling so worthy of love and affection!

As I step forwards into sharing my gifts with the world, coaching with Denise is proving to be valuable beyond words! In fact, to be totally realistic, I definitely would not be ready to ‘put myself out there’ had Denise not facilitated such a beautiful transformation for me. I’m grateful to the moon and back for Denise and her clarity, her wisdom, her insight, her beautiful empathy and support, as well as her *trust* in my process/journey. She held the space for me to be me, just as I am – and how my soul has soared in that space! I am finally breaking free!


Denise encouraged me and supported me to dig deeper in a loving way. I was never afraid. At a time when I was just “going through the motions” of life, she helped me face the future as a whole person. Denise is a truly beautiful person inside and out.

Marietta Myers

Through life coaching with Denise, I received a whole new way of experiencing and being in my world. I felt completely safe and supported to do some deep work examining some beliefs that not only didn’t serve me anymore, but they were never correct. She helped me with emotional exhaustion – I now have more to give to others but much more for myself.

Denise also taught me I am worthy. I do not have to carry other’s pain and negative feelings. She showed me I have power and gave me “permission” to make and hold boundaries. I now know I was controlling when I thought I was helping. Frustration and strife are gone. Much peace now!

Dana Sisk

What a beautiful journey life coaching with Denise has been! Denise has provided me with the guidance to embrace inner peace and love from within. I learned from her wise words and calming guided visualizations to release limiting beliefs that were not allowing me to be the “hero of my story” and to focus on my new empowering truths…I am only responsible for me and my choices, I accept others and their choices with love, and I am Enough!

Part of Denise’s program is the completion of a Daily Success Journal that focuses on gratitude, celebrating successes, releasing forgiveness and self-criticism, new empowering truths, and daily meditation and prayer. I loved this journal! I plan to continue journaling and celebrating my successes and what I am grateful for each day!

If you are looking for inspiring change in your life, Denise is the life coach that can provide that guidance for you!

Julie Reed

As my life coach, Denise supported me by helping me learn new ways to deal with and resolve my problems, while simultaneously learning to appreciate and love myself more. Denise is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. My experience with Integrative Life Coaching has been life changing – I would recommend it to everyone!


Denise guided me to consider a different way to look at and respond to life situations. She gave me tools to create peace and calm – a gentle retrain of the brain. She is honestly one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She is so supportive and non-judgmental. Denise has so much powerful, life changing knowledge to share that I recommend her to everyone! Thank you for blessing my life with what you do!

Kyle Rouse

Denise created a space that allowed me to feel safe and helped me become more self-aware. She truly listens in a kind, gentle, and authentic way. With her support, I am creating a more joyful, fulfilling life! I recommend Denise to anyone who needs to re-calibrate, re-focus, or find some clarity. Thank you for blessing me in a powerful way!


With life coaching, I experienced growth that allowed a quiet confidence that I had been looking for. Denise is a good listener who is positive, gracious, and astute. She is very perceptive and knowledgeable. I received tools to address some life areas, that were loving, gentle, and pragmatic. I would recommend Denise to anyone hoping to move ahead in areas in which they’d like direction and encouragement.

Mary Chiles

I heard a lot about finding one’s authentic self. Now I know what it means. Denise guided me to reclaim what I lost through my life crises and to move forward to develop the “me” that I want to be.  

Through Denise’s extraordinary example and inspiration, I began my own journey on which I am both the leader and the visionary. I created valuable daily exercises that set me in a new direction. I stopped criticizing myself and reclaimed my goals. Just being with Denise taught me that there is all the space I need out there for me to be bold.

Kathy Warner

Working with Denise was a wonderful and a powerful experience. She cares so much about her clients and their well being that you can feel it in her sessions. Each time we spoke I felt understood and heard on every level. Denise was helping me during a very vulnerable time in my life while I was pregnant and emotional. She was so gentle and empathetic and always willing to adjust her sessions to meet my needs at the time. I truly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for a life coach!

Marta Miner

Denise’s coaching helped get some things done that I hadn’t gotten around to on my own. She kept amazing notes when we talked, and frequently reminded me of things I said I wanted to do, but would have completely forgotten about. She followed up on my goals, but if there was something I was procrastinating on, she’d check in and suggest it might not be a priority for now. Denise is always kind and interested, always gave me new, positive ways of seeing a situation. Thank you, Denise!


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